Prevalence of fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain in pakistani population; literature review


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Rehman, Nadia and Rehman, Yasir

Introduction & Background: Most Fibromyalgia (FM) prevalence estimates are from the western countries but prevalence data on the Pakistani population is sparse. The main objective of this review is to assess the FM prevalence in the Pakistani population.

Methods: Ovid- Medline at the McMaster University data base and the Pakistan society of Rheumatology and, Pakistan Medical Journal and Drugs data base and bibliographic references were searched for eligible studies and data.

Results: Only four studies were eligible in this review. The prevalence of the FM varied depending upon the socioeconomic status and geographic distribution. One study reported the FM prevalence data in general Pakistani population. The two English studies compared the prevalence of the musculoskeletal disorder in the South Asians with the western white population. One study reported higher prevalence of the FM in the Pakistani living abroad than the Pakistanis living in the Pakistan.

Conclusion: Prevalence of the FM/ CWSP is variable in the Pakistani’s living in the in different geographic regions. More research using the modified ACR 2010 criteria is needed to provide the recent and updated estimates of the FM prevalence.

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