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  • The reliability of pirani scoring system in the management of idiopathic clubfoot using ponseti method
    Harish Kumar, R, Senthilnathan, A, Prabhakar, R, Harri Vishnu and Manooj Kumar, V
  • Hemifacial hyperplasia –a rare case report
    Raveendran Jayabalan, Adaikkappan M, Sivakkolunthu M.K, Sethurajan S and Rajadirajan, S
  • Comparison of feto maternal outcome between first and second stage cesarean sections in rural tertiary hospital
    Nanthini and Mirunalini S
  • Ultrasound evaluation of normal splenic size in pediatric population
    AbiramiMahadevan and Adaikkappan M
  • Comparison on outcome of tibial plafond fractures managed byankle spanning uniaxial external fixator alone versus two-stage management with final plating
    Nagarajan, G, Dhanpalsingh, Dr.Balamurugavel, P.S and Manikandarajan, A
  • A comparative study of titanium elastic nailing versus hip spica in treatment of femoral shaft fractures in children
    Magesh Babu Palanisamy, Dhanpal Singh, Manikanda Rajan A and Balamurugavel P S
  • Study on diagnosis and outcome of respiratory distress in infants of age 1 to 6 months
    Raghuram, AS, Chidambaranathan, S and Balachandran, CS
  • Causes of fever without localizing signs or with nonspecific signs in the age group of 1 to 12 years
    Suresh K., Chidambaranathan, S and Balachandran, C S
  • A study of thyroid profile in abnormal uterine bleeding (aub) among reproductive age group women
    Komathi, R, Mallika A and Shantha
  • Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology of significant cervical lymphadenopathy in pediatric age group (1-12years)
    Sivaprasath, P, Venkatadesikalu,M and Dhanalakshmi,M
  • Study of clinical profile of congenital heart disease in teaching hospital
    Aravind S., Balachandran C S and Chidambaranathan S
  • A study to assess the effectiveness of plastic bag wrapping in reducing morbidies among preterm neonates
    Arunprasad S., Ramesh, S and Saravanan, S
  • A case series of croup in stridor in a semi urban teaching hospital – south india
    Suganya, C, Ramesh, S and Vinoth, S
  • Computed tomography in hepatic metastases
    Ananthakumar P and Adaikkappan M
  • Correlation of umbilical cord blood parameters with abgar score in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy following birth asphyxia
    Ananthi P, Venkatadesikalu .M and Saravanan S
  • Comparative study between the efficacy and safety of ormeloxifene and norethisterone in the in abnormal uterine bleeding
    Deepika Dhananjayan and Mirunalini
  • Prenatal diagnosis of coarctation of aorta associated with dandy walker anomaly- a case report
    Perriyanayaki @ Barani G and Adaikappan M
  • Kartagener's syndrome – a case report
    Rajagopalan Mariappan, Kalaiselvi Nithiyanantham Praveenkumar, Ruta Shanmugam, Vellavedu Umapathy Shanmugam, Balaji Swaminathan and Rajasekaran Prem Nivas
  • Saline sonohysterography in the detection of endometrial polyp in aub
    Arthi K and Adaikappan M
  • Scanning electron microscopic examination of surface lesions in fluorosed muscle of rat
    Shashi A and Nidhi Rana
  • Clinical study and outcome of dengue fever in children and adolescent age group (upto 18 years of age)
    Janakiram N, Ramesh S and Vinoth
  • Role of non stress test and umbilical artery doppler velocimetry for assessment of fetal outcome in high risk pregnacy
    Joslin Susan Joy., Mallika and Sangeerani
  • A study of comparison of functional outcome of medial versus anterolateral plating of distal tibia fractures
    Karthik G, Senthilnathan A, Balamurugavel P.S., Prabhakar R, Viswanathan M
  • Twin pregnancy with fetus papyraceus- a case report
    Saranya S.K and Mirunalini S
  • Accuracy of estimation of gestational age in third trimester by mean fetal kidney length
    Manasvi, Niranjana and Mirunalini
  • Predictive value of umbilical cord bilirubin in occurrence of hyperbilirubinemia in neonates
    Babu K. R, Balu R, Praveen Kumar R and Nathiya
  • Risk factors for death in children aged between 1 month to 12 years who were hospitalised for pneumonia
    Navin A, Ramesh S, Saravanan and Vinoth
  • Functional outcome of patients with osteoarthrosis of knee in and around chidambaram treated with total knee arthroplasty – prospective and retrospective analysis
    Senthil Kumar S, Senthilnathan A, Balamurugavel P.S, Prabhakar R and Viswanathan M
  • Clinical profile and follow up of bleeding neonate
    Arutsivasakthi siva S, Ramesh S, Saravanan S and Vinoth
  • Diagnostic and predictive values of serum procalcitonin in comparison with routine sepsis work up in neonatal sepsis
    Anand Manjunath K, Ramesh Samikannu, Muruganantham Balagurunathan and Praveen Kumar R
  • Case report leiomyoma cutis - a series of 3 case reports
    Poorana B., Prasad P.V.S and Kaviarasan P.K
  • Study of clinical profile of hypertension and associated co-morbidity in the elderly
    Paari N., Prabhu G., Balasubramaniyan S ., Sankara P and Thiagarajan
  • Local application of phenytoin sodium in diabetic ulcers: a randomized prospective study
    Prashaanth M. K., Ramesh R., Junior Sundresh N., Nirmala P., Umapathy P and Appu Mathi Roga Rajan
  • Blood group predilection in cholecystitis
    Abhigna Panda., Kabali Murthy J., Gopi Krishna D and Stalin Raja C
  • Study of incidence of iron deficiency anemia in children’s aged 1-5 years admitted in hospital
    Ramamoorthy R., Balachandar C S., Chidambaranathan S and Nisha
  • Serum zinc levels in children with simple febrile seizures
    Gayathri D., Balachandar C S., Chidambaranathan S and Nisha
  • Historical Review on Cholelithiasis
    Kirti Rani
  • Expected Time to Seroconversion of Hiv Infected When both Antigenic Diversity Threshold and Virulence Threshold Satisfy Scbz Property
    R.ramajayam, r.elangovan and r.sathiyamoorthi
  • Least Absolute Residual Estimation for the Accelerated Failure Time Model
    B. Sanjith and R. Elangovan
  • Importance of anatomy of inguinal region
    Ashfaq ul Hassan , Zahida Rasool and Muneeb ul Hassan