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  • Study of endometrial pathology in abnormal uterine bleeding
    Shajitha S., Sangeereni M and Mallika A
  • Platelet rich plasma- a novel method in the treatment of lateral epicondylitis
    Dhanpal Singh., Nirmalraja J., Krishnaswamy B., Balamurugavel P.S and Manikandarajan A
  • A study on the prevalence of alcohol abuse among psychiatric patients and their family members
    Srinivasan G., Asokkumar M and Gandhibabu R
  • Prevalence of depression and anxiety among patients with chronic pruritus
    Saravanan, M.S.P., Gandhi Babu, R., Asok Kumar, M and Kaviarasan, P.K
  • Promising role of pyruvic acid peel in acne of dark skin while combining with topical adapalene and clindamycin
    Jayalakshmi Dhevi B., Prasad P.V.S., Kaviarasan P.K and Kannammabal K
  • A study to evaluate the risk factors leading to lower extremity amputation in diabetic foot
    Achyutha Krishnan.T., Ashok Swaminathan. G., Subramanian. C.S and Sudha Dhiyanesh. R
  • Treatment of displaced intra-articular calcaneal fractures with or without bone graft substitute hydroxyapatite - a comparative study
    Arun G.Behin., Senthilnathan A., Prabhakar R and Harri Vishnu M
  • A study of audiological and surgical outcome of tragal cartilage graft in myringoplasty
    Ruta Shanmugam., Arthi Madhu., Vellavedu Umapathy Shanmugan., Rajagopalan Mariappan., Balaji Swaminathan and RajasekaranPrem Nivas
  • A study to evaluate the requirement of higher than recommended doses of subcutaneous insulin after resolution of diabetic ketoacidosis in children
    Moukoli Pal., Manonita Manjhi and Suman Das
  • Clinico-epidemiological profile and factors predicting the outcome of pediatric isolated traumatic brain injury - a bicentric study in eastern india
    Suman Das., Suprit Basu., Subhajit Bhakta., Sarbartha Kumar Pratihar and Sreejata Mazumdar
  • High-velocity injury : bilateral floating knee
    Mohamed Rachid Bensalah., Abdeltif Bennabouha and Abelouhab JAAFAR
  • Appendiceal diverticulitis with perforation – case report
    Jurij Janež and Klemen Mihelčič
  • Antimicrobial susceptibilities of pneumococcal bacteria isolated from adults patients in a certain hospital in indonesia
    Risrina Nur Ekawati., Tina Rostinawati and Anas Subarnas
  • Anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid: lymphoepithelioma like variant with metastasis to lymph node – a rare case report
    Surekha H. Bhalekar., Sukriti., Prakash M. Roplekar., Suneet Singh., and Sudhamani S
  • Bacteriological and microbiological study of chronic maxillary sinusitis
    Balaji Swaminathan., Prem Nivas R., Mariappan R.G., Vidyachal Ravindra*., Usha S and Thulasi Doss.K
  • Comparison of perinatal outcome in booked high risk and unbooked high risk pregnancy
    Jayashree .V., Saranyadevi .K and Latha .K
  • The mehran risk scoring system for predicting contrast induced nephropathy following percutaneous coronary intervention: stronger positive correlation in the indian scenario
    K Sivaprasad., Mathew Iype., Sanjai Pattu Valappil., Sunitha Viswanathan and A .George Koshy
  • Antihyperlipidemic activity of plectranthus scutellarioides on normal and propylthiouracil induced hyperlipidemic rats
    Faizah Min Fadhlillah., Yoppi Iskandar., Sri Adi Sumiwi and Moelyono Moektiwardoyo
  • Pharmasuitical study of thriphala arka”- a research article
    Bandeppa Sangolgi.,Praveen Simpi., Pramod Burigi and Durgesh Joshi
  • The biological cost of cto intervention: insight from a prospective study
    GopakumarK S., Mathew Iype., Sunitha Viswanathan and A. George Koshy
  • The echocardiographic and coronary angiographic features of patients suffering from acute atrial fibrillation during st elevation myocardial infarction(stemi)
    Supriya D Nambiar., Mathew Iype., Sunitha Viswanathan., George Koshy and Prabha Nini Gupta
  • Evaluation of micro-leakage of indirect resin composite inlay cemented to dentin with different resin cement strategies
    Ahmad Rabah
  • Acute myocardial infarction secondary to grave's disease in a 35-year-old african male : a case report
    Djibril Marie BA
  • Non tuberculous mycobacteria infection in bronchiectasis patients
    Basanta Hazarika, Rahul Karwa, Jogesh Sarma, K.R. Sharma
  • Long standing neglected foreign body in nasopharynx
    Balaji Swaminathan., Shankar Ponnusamy., Ruta Shanmugam., Vellavedu Umapathy Shanmugam and Rajagopalan Mariappan
  • A rare case of chronic ectopic pregnancy
    Priscilla Poornima.B., Ankita Singh., Sangeerani.M and Mallika.A
  • Incidence of phototherapy induced hypocalcemia in full term normal newborn
    Saravanan. S and Raghuram. A.S
  • The effect of training to relieve cancer patients’ chemotherapy symptoms
    Hilal Pekmezci and Sevilay Hintistan
  • Compare the efficacy of cosmetic talc with that of iodopovidone as an agent for chemical pleurodesis
    Basanta hazarika., Chandan Matage., Jogesh Sarma and Sharma, K.R
  • Palmar avulsion injuries – a reconstructive challenge
    Ashok Swaminathan Govindarajan., Ravichandran. K., Subbulakshmi Sundraram and Kartikeyan. G
  • Study of growth pattern in low birth weight neonate - on exclusive breast feeding
    Saravanan. S and Suresh. K
  • Prevalence of fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain in pakistani population; literature review
    Rehman, Nadia and Rehman, Yasir
  • Acute myeloid leukemia in a patient receiving phase iii clinical trial of tofacitinib (xeljanz) therapy for ulcerative colitis: a case study with literature review
    Ming Xie and Hongwei Ma
  • Hair growth potential combination of celery (apium graveolens l )and mangkokan (nothopanax scutellarium merr) leaf extract on male white rabbits
    Diah Wardani., Marline Abdassah., Yasmiwar Susilawati and Anas Subarnas
  • Evaluation of two different dosages of dexmedetomidine in attenuation of pressor response during endotracheal intubation and reducing inj. thiopentone dosages during induction of anaesthesia
    Sudharsan Raj M.R, Gowthaman R and Sekaran N.K
  • Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma - a rare vascular neoplasm presenting as superficial soft tissue mass at an unusual location – case report
    Saravanan C, Adaikkappan M, Sivakkolunthu M.K, Sethurajan S, Rajadirajan S, Viswanathan P and Ashok Swaminathan G
  • A study of the complications of immediate post- partum iucd insertion
    Kavitha N.S, Latha K and Jayashree V
  • Prevalence of hyperandrogenic - persistent ovulatory dysfunction syndrome in obese infertile women in rmmc&h. (ha-pods)
    Priscilla Poornima. B, Latha K, Jayashree V and Sethurajan S
  • Dipsi - a single step procedure for screening and diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus
    Keerthiha, B, Sangeereni, M and Mallika, A
  • Neonatal autoimmune thrombocytopenia due to maternal immune thrombocytopenic purpura
    Amutha, J, Ramesh, S and Vinoth, S