Study on diagnosis and outcome of respiratory distress in infants of age 1 to 6 months

Raghuram, AS, Chidambaranathan, S and Balachandran, CS

Introduction: Respiratory distress due to acute respiratory infections (ARI) are the most common human ailment. ARI are a substantial cause of morbidity and mortality in children.
Aim: To study the diagnosis and outcome in infants hospitalized with respiratory distress due to ARI during 1 - 6 months of life.
Methods: Infants of age 1-6 month who presented with respiratory distress according to WHO criteria for the first time are included in the study, diagnosis and outcome was analysed.
Results: The study enrolled 100 infants of which 82 were bronchiolitis, 18 were pneumonia. Bronchiolitis was the leading cause of hospitalization in both preterm and term infants. Duration of hospital stay was more for pneumonia when compared to bronchiolitis. There was no mortality due to both disease in our study group.
Conclusion: Bronchiolitis was the leading cause of hospitalization in infants of 1-6 month age group. Child admitted with pneumonia has prolonged hospital stay when compared to those admitted with bronchiolitis.

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