A study of audiological and surgical outcome of tragal cartilage graft in myringoplasty

Ruta Shanmugam., Arthi Madhu., Vellavedu Umapathy Shanmugan., Rajagopalan Mariappan., Balaji Swaminathan and RajasekaranPrem Nivas

The use of cartilage in middle ear surgery is not a new concept. However, in the last decade there has been renewed interest in the use of cartilage for middle ear surgeries1.
Aim of the study: To evaluate the audiological and surgical results of tragal cartilage graft in myringoplasty for reconstruction of tympanic membrane perforation.
Materials and Methods: A group of 25 patients in the age group of 16 - 60 years suffering from chronic suppurative otits media of tubotympanic type attending the outpatient department at Rajah Muthiah Medical College and hospital and undergoing tragal cartilage myringoplasty between October 2015 to august 2017 were included in the study.
Results: The mean pre operative pure tone average was 37 and the post operative pure tone average was 25.80 at 6th week and 15.60 at 10th week. The calculated p value was less than 0.001 which was statistically significant. Graft uptake was 92% in our study. There was no post operative retraction. Post operative reperforation was seen in 2 (8 %) patients.
Conclusion: Graft takeup in tragal cartilage myringoplasty has been excellent, hearing results are satisfactory and complications are minimal. Immobility of the transplant during the early stages of healing process is the most important factor for successful surgical outcome of myringoplasty2.

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