Hemifacial hyperplasia –a rare case report

Raveendran Jayabalan, Adaikkappan M, Sivakkolunthu M.K, Sethurajan S and Rajadirajan, S

Asymmetric variations of contralateral structures of head and neck occur unusually in general population and are an accepted feature of morphogenesis. Gross asymmetry characterized by marked unilateral overdevelopment of hard and soft tissues of the face is a rare congenital malformation and has been termed as Hemifacial Hyperplasia (HFH). The etiology is unknown but several theories has been proposed including hormonal imbalances, diseases involving nerves, vascular conditions, lymphatic abnormalities and mechanical influences. Generally treatment is not indicated for Hemifacial hyperplasia unless cosmetic considerations are involved.
A 17 year old male referred for investigation to our department of radiology with the characteristic features of Hemifacial Hyperplasia (HFH). The case is presented to supplement existing clinical knowledge.

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