Hair growth potential combination of celery (apium graveolens l )and mangkokan (nothopanax scutellarium merr) leaf extract on male white rabbits

Diah Wardani., Marline Abdassah., Yasmiwar Susilawati and Anas Subarnas

Celery and mangkokan leaves are proved scientifically to be able to fasten the rabbits’ hair growth, and the activity is linear with hair provision grower or tonic available in the market. The research examined each activity afterward we looked for the two combinations which could give better results which could be the basic for further research for inventing better activity formulae came from the combination of high quality celery and mangkokan leaves and could be relied upon scientifically. The two extracts were gained by using of ethanol 96 %,the test was made by concentrating it into 100 ml of ethanol 06% of single extract : namely, 2.5%,5%,and & 7.5% for the extract combination by mixing it by ratio of celery and mangkokan leaves 1:1,1:2,2:1,and 2:2 as the positive control comparation, 5% Minoxidil was used. The activity test was held in 28 days by treating twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon. The result showed that the combination of celery and mangkokan leaves by four comparisons above had a better activity than a single extract and canine hair tonic in the market. And the three combinations celery leaf extract combination, mangkokan extract combination, mangkokan leaf extract combination 1:2 showed the best activity. Iritation and odema observation showed a positive result because there were no iritation and odema from either single extract nor their test combination results.

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