Comparison of perinatal outcome in booked high risk and unbooked high risk pregnancy

Jayashree .V., Saranyadevi .K and Latha .K

Background: Prevention is better than cure. Antenatal care today is a perfect example of preventive medicine. Aim of antenatal care is to ensure the well being of mother and child.
Objective: To evaluate the perinatal outcome in booked high risk pregnancies and unbooked high risk pregnancies in Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital, Chidambaram.
Materials And Methods: All high risk pregnancies attending antenatal clinic and labour room were included in the study. All normal pregnancies with no medical and obstetrical risk factors were excluded from the study. Patients were followed up for perinatal outcome, in terms of APGAR scores and NICU admissions.
Conclusion: Booking status in high risk pregnancy directly influenced perinatal outcome. Antenatal care helps to bring down the still birth rate.

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