Bacteriological and microbiological study of chronic maxillary sinusitis

Balaji Swaminathan., Prem Nivas R., Mariappan R.G., Vidyachal Ravindra*., Usha S and Thulasi Doss.K

Sinusitis is a common problem worldwide. In the present study conducted on 50 adult patients who attended the ENT Department at Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital, we analyzed pre-operative bacterial and fungus flora in chronic maxillary sinusitis. We reviewed the microbiology of chronic sinusitis in the local population and the antibiotic sensitivity of the organisms, studied the incidence of fungal infection in chronic maxillary sinusitis and analyzed the antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria for proper administration of antibiotics. Our results proved that rational and scientific management of chronic maxillary sinusitis based on bacteriological and mycological study of aspirates from the maxillary antrum alleviates patients of chronic maxillary sinusitis.

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