October 2016

  • Evaluation of two different dosages of dexmedetomidine in attenuation of pressor response during endotracheal intubation and reducing inj. thiopentone dosages during induction of anaesthesia
    Sudharsan Raj M.R, Gowthaman R and Sekaran N.K
  • Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma - a rare vascular neoplasm presenting as superficial soft tissue mass at an unusual location – case report
    Saravanan C, Adaikkappan M, Sivakkolunthu M.K, Sethurajan S, Rajadirajan S, Viswanathan P and Ashok Swaminathan G
  • A study of the complications of immediate post- partum iucd insertion
    Kavitha N.S, Latha K and Jayashree V
  • Prevalence of hyperandrogenic - persistent ovulatory dysfunction syndrome in obese infertile women in rmmc&h. (ha-pods)
    Priscilla Poornima. B, Latha K, Jayashree V and Sethurajan S