June 2016

  • Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology of significant cervical lymphadenopathy in pediatric age group (1-12years)
    Sivaprasath, P, Venkatadesikalu,M and Dhanalakshmi,M
  • Study of clinical profile of congenital heart disease in teaching hospital
    Aravind S., Balachandran C S and Chidambaranathan S
  • A study to assess the effectiveness of plastic bag wrapping in reducing morbidies among preterm neonates
    Arunprasad S., Ramesh, S and Saravanan, S
  • A case series of croup in stridor in a semi urban teaching hospital – south india
    Suganya, C, Ramesh, S and Vinoth, S
  • Computed tomography in hepatic metastases
    Ananthakumar P and Adaikkappan M